HSSC - II 1st Annual Examination 2023 (Private Candidates)


  • This form is for those candidates who are appearing first time in HSSC-I & II (combine) as a private candidate.
  • Fill registration details and provide valid 13 digit CNIC number or B form number and mobile number (11 digit).
  • Choose your date of birth carefully and it should be same as in your B.Form/CNIC (CNIC will become username of your Student Account).
  • Attach required document in documents section. Your profile image should be a passport size professional image with blue background.

Registration Information

Subjects Detail ( Select any Three Elective Subjects)

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Required Documents

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Attested Form B/CNIC *
Attested SSC-II Detail Marksheet/Certificate *
Passport Size Photo (Blue Background) *
Original Migration *


  • The information given in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed. I have read the requirements of the examination and filled the form in the light of given instructions with the entire consent of my parents/guardian.
  • I have attached 10th pass detail marksheet/certificate, and Form B/CNIC.
  • I have attached blue background passport size image to be displayed on my result card.
  • I hereby undertake that the information provided herein is correct and i agree that at any stage if the information found false OR I am found ineligible according to the examination criteria,the registration shall be cancelled and i shall not claim for degree.